JustMadeBetter.GURU is a solution birthed out of doing reviews for products and services on JustMadeBetter.com and not being able to give full information on them. For one reason or another, we found ourselves editing out very useful information to fit in a presentation as a video or web page for a product or service we where reviewing.

We went away back to the studio and had to solve this problem, after all that information we are throwing away might be invaluable to someone else. A few weeks later we emerged victorious with a solution we think you will love.

JustMadeBetter.GURU is essentially a tutorials website, that not only allows us to break down tips, tricks and techniques into articles that we think may not suit a review, but also gives information a more permanent home for you to access and retrieve later.

Our hope at the very least, is that populating this solution as we lead up to a major product review will help us see more of the product/service that couldn’t possibly have been seen just by using it as a daily drive. In writing tutorials, we should be able to systematically show you more transparently why a product is or isn’t #justMadeBetter through GURU.

Happy discovering!

JustMadeBetter.com Team

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