How to take a screenshot on an iPhone

Apple mobile products are probably the easiest devices to take a screenshot on amongst all other smartphones and mobile devices. Partially thanks to the iOS software they all run on, it is the same process for the iPhone, C or S, the iPod Touch and the iPad. As you can achieve taking a screenshot either [...]

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Encouraging free increased Facebook Page post reach

If you have read any of our Facebook related articles, you might have picked up by now that we rant on and rave about how Facebook is notorious for changing it’s rules and algorithms that determine the way your Page posts are seen by your followers. Sometimes they do this to better the online service [...]

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Why use WordPress as a blogging platform.

Wordpress is my favourite blogging platform, that is largely because you can make it as sophisticated or as simple as you wish according to on your needs. Unlike Tumblr, which is a one size fits all sort of solution, you can add plugins, get someone to build you a custom, simple or complicated theme. This [...]

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Why use Tumblr as a blogging platform.

For the sake of not writing a full blown book here, I have listed a few reasons why you might want to choose Tumblr as your blogging platform of choice. Please read our review on using the Tumblr as a blogging service for a more detailed look. Quick reasons: Yahoo owns it, therefore they are [...]

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Why you should collect a newsletter subscriber list

Having worked in the Marketing departments of 2 large firms for the last 5 years of my Web Development & Digital career, I have grown to appreciate the importance of being able to speak with your customer base or audience. While these two groups might be one and the same for your website or blog, [...]

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