Adding the Apple Watch as a remote to the Apple TV

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wondered about the future’s technology especially¬† after I saw my older brothers’ friend turn off any TV using a watch with an infrared sensor. You can imagine the amount of laughter we shared as we watched shop attendants try to figure out what was wrong with [...]

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3 tips to help you take better videos with your smart phone

With the mobile phone being more widely adopted as the one device people nowadays always have one them, it has also resulted in being the replacement for video camera in peoples lives. Stories are now submitted to CNN from regular people after being captured as they occur faster than any regular camera crew could get [...]

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11 really creative ways to use 3D printers

11 really creative ways to use 3D printers

Now that you understand what a 3D printer is and does, we thought we would tease your imagination a little with some of the creative and useful things people have made with 3D printers, excluding the obvious toys of course. Here are 11 really creative ways to use 3D printers. A camera lens If you [...]

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What is PS Vita TV or PlayStation TV? Explained

What it is Released late 2013 in Japan, the PS Vita TV or PlayStation TV is a mash-up or cross between a media center device for your TV set and a gaming console. This in retrospect is similar to the features offered by the Apple TV as it allows you to game on it using [...]

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Set up HTC One Remote: JustMadeBetter

How to use the HTC One as a TV remote

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever done with a smart phone, setting up the HTC One as a TV remote. This might have something to do with my childhood when I discovered that one of my older brothers’ high school friends had a watch that had the same technology, to tune into [...]

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How to use your MacBook Pro as a wifi hot spot

From one ethernet cable While I was traveling on holiday all over Asia, my time in Korea was book into two hotels however the first one did not have wifi. All they had was an ethernet cable, no wifi in this day and age. Being a self proclaimed digital Guru, you can imagine how much [...]

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What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media, set top box from Apple that uses your homes internet connection to bring more live & on demand entertainment services to your television. If you have used iTunes on your computer before to buy songs, rent a movie, watch a documentary, listen to podcasts and so much more, then [...]

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