The Loving Cook: Breakfast quinoa recipe with almonds

Berry breakfast quinoa recipe

I hate to admit it, but I hate porridge, the sludgy smooshy texture puts me off based on clearly tormenting childhood memories. That said, I love the idea of porridge, a nutritious and filling breakfast that provides plenty of energy in the morning. In order to enjoy a warm breakfast I created my own sweet [...]

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The Loving Cook: Choc berry protein smoothie frozen berries

Chocolate banana berry smoothie recipe

I’m not a big fan of drinking my calories as you can often find yourself consuming more calories than you would if you were eating a proper meal. This recipe should be treated as a small meal because it provides protein (almonds and cocoa), calcium (yoghurt and milk) as well as a good dose of [...]

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The Loving Cook: Homemade Toasted Muesli

Toasted Muesli recipe

Most health nuts like me have their own muesli or granola recipe. This is mine. I like to eat regularly throughout the day to keep my metabolism working well, and trust me I am not a happy lady when I get hangry (angry-hungry). Rest assured when I tell you that this recipe really will give [...]

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