Sweet Chili Chicken Mayo Wrap

Sweet Chilli Chicken Mayo wrap recipe

Every now and then you don’t feel like standing in front of a stove for a long time to produce a meal. Whether it is because of a busy schedule or just one of those moments where cooking just isn’t as exciting, I create some quick win, easy meals in these times. The sweet chilli [...]

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The Loving Cook: Vegetable chicken pot pie

Creamy chicken and vegetable pot pies

I love creamy chicken pies, especially in winter, but that’s just it, they are creamy, which often equals butter, cream and cheese, which equates to a high fat content, which then means extra winter padding! I try to avoid unnecessary calories that can add up in some of our favourite winter meals, but flavour is [...]

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The Loving Cook: Hot chilli bowl

Chilli bowl 10-minute meal recipe

Cooking is more often than not a pleasure for me however, there are certain days of the week when I am too busy or too tired to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting. As exhausted as I might be, I don’t like to order take away food as I know I can whip up something [...]

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