3 tips to help you take better videos with your smart phone

With the mobile phone being more widely adopted as the one device people nowadays always have one them, it has also resulted in being the replacement for video camera in peoples lives. Stories are now submitted to CNN from regular people after being captured as they occur faster than any regular camera crew could get [...]

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Controlling Instagram filters

Platform: Instagram on Android only So you have now grown to love and use Instagram in you daily life. From everything funny, serious, food & selfies, it is the perfect place to not take life serious too seriously or picture perfect like on Facebook. The ability to add filters are definitely one feature that made [...]

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Encouraging free increased Facebook Page post reach

If you have read any of our Facebook related articles, you might have picked up by now that we rant on and rave about how Facebook is notorious for changing it’s rules and algorithms that determine the way your Page posts are seen by your followers. Sometimes they do this to better the online service [...]

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FacebookTip‬: Custom Cover Photo

Covert advertising even when you are not thinking about it So you have started a Facebook page or website, have finished uploading photos, text and videos to make it look just the way you want. Now you are faced with the task of inviting friends and family to like or follow it. Naturally you hit [...]

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