What it is

Released late 2013 in Japan, the PS Vita TV or PlayStation TV is a mash-up or cross between a media center device for your TV set and a gaming console. This in retrospect is similar to the features offered by the Apple TV as it allows you to game on it using your iPad, iPhone or other apple devices via Air Play. The difference with Playstation TV is that it will be using streaming your gaming experience either from the PlayStation 4 console or from online games on the PlayStation Network compatible with the PS Vita portable gaming device (with restrictions).

PlayStation Vita TV: Tokyo Game Show 2013

PlayStation Vita TV: Tokyo Game Show 2013

What it does

From my honest and frank opinion, the PS Vita TV is the Apple TV brought to you by Sony but instead they are focusing on their strength in gaming as the focal point for the device. Like Apple customers looking to take the most of the Apple ecosystem of devices, users of Sony gaming products will enjoy adding this device to their ecosystem. You can however just buy the device and use it as the only product from Sony you own, from TV streaming services to gaming with just one controller (either PS3 or PS4) much like you can just get the Apple TV as the only device you own for the services it offers.

Conclusion: PS Vita TV

I think you can see where I am going with this, the PS Vita TV is just like the Apple TV with the added advantage of being able to do some gaming on it’s own in the form of streaming PS Vita games.

View the PlayStation TV release dates in your area.

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