Ever since I was a kid, I have always wondered about the future’s technology especially¬† after I saw my older brothers’ friend turn off any TV using a watch with an infrared sensor. You can imagine the amount of laughter we shared as we watched shop attendants try to figure out what was wrong with their brand new TV’s they were selling. Fast forward a few decades later and the Apple Watch has entered the scene to make a less insidious relationship with the TV.

Using the Remote app, the Apple Watch wants to replace the your traditional remote. I think it supersedes the Apple TV remote flawlessly, but don’t put away your traditional TV remote yet as you will need it to turn on the television, change channels and change the volume. Once you are tuned in to your Apple TV, you can pretty much use your Apple Watch alone even to wake up the sleeping Apple TV.

Apple Watch as Apple TV remote

Apple Watch as Apple TV remote

Steps: Adding your Apple Watch as a remote to the Apple TV

  1. Turn your TV and make sure the you are tuned to the Apple TV’s source (make sure it is on).
  2. Connect your iPhone to the same WIFI as the one the Apple TV is connected to (make sure your Apple Watch is Synced with that iPhone).
  3. Apple Watch as Apple TV remote

    Apple Watch as Apple TV remote

  4. Navigate to General > Remotes.
  5. Select your Apple Watch from the list of devices that show up
  6. On your Apple Watch, select the Remote app and in it select the Apple TV.
  7. You will be prompted to enter a passcode from your Apple Watch on to the Apple TV.
  8. Once you enter the code, your watch is now synced to the Apple TV

Now that your Apple Watch is synced with the Apple TV, you can now wake the Apple TV from your Apple Watch without the use of the remote. From now one you can forget about the Apple Remote, unless you prefer the enter searches on the Apple TV using it instead of the Apple Watch.

No more shuffling and searching for where you last put that Apple Remote. Everything you used to be able to do with the remote you can now do from your wrist using the Apple Watch.

Gallery: Adding your Apple Watch as a remote to the Apple TV

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