Apple Watch: Picking up list in Supermarket

This is probably one of the most fun and practical apps I’ve used on the Apple Watch so far. Doing the groceries is a painful and mundane task I have to do weekly but now this app has just made it more interesting. Here’s how the Woolies app works:



  1. Launch the Woolies app on your iPhone
  2. Create a new shopping list
  3. When something runs out around the house, scan the barcode or enter it in manually into a new shopping list
  4. Now head over to your supermarket and launch the Woolies app on your Apple Watch
  5. Select your shopping list and start ticking items off as you pick them up in the supermarket.

And that’s it! Grocery shopping just became ten times more interesting. Happy shopping.

Gallery: Grocery shopping with the Apple Watch using the Woolworths App

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