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One of the most exciting new features added to the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 capable devices, like the iPhone 6 Plus, is the ability to take HD quality time lapses. For a device that fits in your pocket, whether it bends or not, that is pretty impressive. You used to have own a DSLR camera, have a good understanding of the concept, how to set up the camera and not to mention time to stitch up the photo in post production.


Now you just have to pull out your iPhone 6, fire up your camera app, follow the instructions below and choose how you want to publish the video.


  1. Start the camera app that comes, out of the box, on the Apple devices.
  2. Scroll in the camera types, close the shutter button, to select the “Time-lapse” option.
  3. Choose either the front facing or back camera to use before starting. Once you start recording you can’t change this mid-flight.*
  4. Leave the camera positioned where you want to capture the time-lapse and hit the record button.
  5. Once the time period you wanted to capture has passed you can stop the recording and edit in the iMovie app, upload to Facebook or export to our computer via iTunes.

*You have stop recording, change camera and then record again.

iPhone 6 Camera app: time-lapse mode

iPhone 6 Camera app: time-lapse mode

Conclusion: How to take a time lapse video using the iPhone 6

While most social media platforms recognise and allow you to upload the final product as a video with no sound, unless you add it in iMovie, some will compress the video and not keep it high resolution. Facebook and YouTube allow you the keep the footage in HD, as seen on your Apple device. You will have to purchase the iMovie app separately however Apple has done a great job of simplifying the workflow that used to need a lot of devices and software to get this time-lapse effect.

This is a feature much welcomed on the iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus and we are sure they will be keen to put on every mobile device they launch in the future with the exception of the smaller ones like the Apple Watch..

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