From one ethernet cable

While I was traveling on holiday all over Asia, my time in Korea was book into two hotels however the first one did not have wifi. All they had was an ethernet cable, no wifi in this day and age. Being a self proclaimed digital Guru, you can imagine how much this messed with my Zen (see what I did there).

Having a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet on me which I intended to use in different scenarios, you can see how an ethernet cable only proves useful to the laptop only. Throw in the two friends I was travelling with, who also had a laptop and a few other mobile devices of their own, this obviously added to the complexity of the problem. How can all these devices share the one ethernet cable? Alternatively should we just connect one laptop and take turns to do the things we needed to do while we were on our travels?

Fear not, it is the MacBook Pro Laptop to the rescue. After trying one dead end, I was happy to find out that there is a way to use your mac book pro as a wifi hot spot.


  1. Click on the System Preferences icon in your tray or access it from the Applications folder.
  2. Select the Sharing icon from the system preferences window that appears.
  3. On the window that appears, select that you want to share FROM an Ethernet port/cable.
  4. Choose what method you wish to share the internet connect via. For the purposes of this tutorial, please select ‘WIFI.’
    If you wish a further tutorial on how to use a different method here, please request a tutorial on our website.
  5. A new set of options should appear, asking you to name the network & give it a password. Please go ahead and create a wifi name & password that will be used by other computers to access the internet from your computer.
  6. Hit Save and then in the left side of the options window, check the box next to sharing the ethernet internet connection via WIFI. A dialogue window will appear asking you to confirm that this is indeed what you want to do, select ‘Yes.’
  7. Once you have enabled, that is it. Now you can connect as many devices as you wish that are WIFI capable to the internet via your MacBook Pro.


We have tested this set up with up to 5 devices (excluding the MacBook Pro computer itself) with no perfomance lag from the connection in the hotel room we were in. The MacBook did not have problems with another person using it to access the internet and perform other tasks. It however need some restarting after about 3 days of use as we left it on for the entire duration, so that we wouldn’t need to power it on to access the internet when we returned to the hotel room.

We loved using this hidden feature on the MacBook Pro and it was super handy at this time when we only discovered the hotel room had one ethernet cable and no WIFI access when we got there in a foreign land.

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