For the sake of not writing a full blown book here, I have listed a few reasons why you might want to choose Tumblr as your blogging platform of choice. Please read our review on using the Tumblr as a blogging service for a more detailed look.

Quick reasons:

  1. Yahoo owns it, therefore they are not disappearing overnight with your content so you can sleep well tonight
  2. 120,000 average daily sign ups, with 69 million Americans out of 199.1 million on it (strong, active community potential customers or connections
  3. It has stood the test of time.
  4. Easy and fast to set up & configure.
  5. Easy to maintain (as easy as playing with mud)
  6. Easy to change themes
  7. Easy to update
    - all updates are rolled out at once across all blogs by Tumblr and you don’t have to worry about doing it manually or being left behind.
    - good for keeping up with new web features & technologies
  8. Promotes sharing & liking, increasing and delegating your reach to other bloggers and their followers.
    - hands down the best platform in our opinion, that has cultivated the culture of helping good, valuable content go viral. (via Reblogging)
    - Even people that don’t follow you can reblog your content
  9. Consistency, consistency, consistency
    - After reblogging, content looks the same (in the dashboard) as the previous blog or as it should on your blog (with a few exceptions) as Tumblr keeps all code running on recent versions of the same code/software base.
  10. Sends the best, what you missed, or ‘you are not on Tumblr’ emails
    - it’s funny, charming and witty.
  11. Excellent for photo based, highly visual story telling.
    - All other forms of media welcomed too however images are king on Tumblr

Based on the fact that we host our JustMadeBetter Blog in Tumblr, it’s plain to see that we were swayed by this information. What kept us using the platform however are the results we got and the consistency in algorithm policy we enjoy in Tumblr that favours fair networking of it’s user base.

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