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You have found your way to our website, and you are reading one of our slightly longer articles. You are enjoying every single tip and following keenly, however you eventually get to the end of the article and now you must make to long task back to the top to interact with something there. In fact this happens in many places you realise, you email client, you SMS app, your Whatsapp, your Facebook app. As a matter of fact you have gotten used to thumbing back to the top as vigorously as you possibly can to speed up that interface scrolling speed.

Have no fear, you are about to find out a simple yet more effective way of getting back to the top.

Scroll to top double tap: portrait view

Scroll to top double tap: portrait view

The Trick

When you have scrolled down to an app window and need to get back to the top of the screen, just double tap on the top of the window where all your notification information is i.e. Your carrier, the time and battery level. Doing this in any app, other than gaming ones or ones the hide the notification bar, will quickly scroll to the top of the current window as fast as possible.

Tip: Do not worry to much about hitting the precise center of the notification bar. As long as your finger double taps the notification bar.


This is such a time saver in some apps depending on how far down you have gone. Unfortunately Android crew, I couldn’t find the equivalent of this feature on my device.

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