Apple mobile products are probably the easiest devices to take a screenshot on amongst all other smartphones and mobile devices. Partially thanks to the iOS software they all run on, it is the same process for the iPhone, C or S, the iPod Touch and the iPad.

As you can achieve taking a screenshot either using the hardware buttons or the soft keys (software controls) via assistive touch, we have split this how to tutorial accordingly.

The hardware steps

  • At the same time, press the ‘lock button’ and the ‘home button’ on your Apple mobile device.
    You will see the screen flicker to a bright white color and if sound is enabled on your device, you will hear the camera shutter sound to confirm that the action was successful.
  • Go to your Apple mobile devices ‘Photos’ app to view the screenshot.

Tip: If your device locks the screen or returns to the home screen for your iPad, then you have not hit the required keys simultaneously and will need to try again after returning to where you intended to screenshot.

The software steps: assistive touch

  • Click on the assistive touch overlay icon.
    This you will only see if you have enabled assistive touch feature on your Apple mobile device.
  • Select the device icon.
  • On the following options screen, select the ‘More’ option.
  • Finally select the ‘Screenshot’ icon that appears among other options.


Now you can capture some of those classic moments that happen on you Apple device or share them with other. Your imagination is the limit here, we use this feature when creating some of our mobile tutorials including this one. Enjoy!

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