Much like the Apple iPhone or the HTC One, you can use two methods to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The first being hardware controls on the phone, but the second method for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not just software but a collaboration of hardware as well in the form of hand gestures.

The Samsung phone is a more gesture heavy mobile phone so it is good to see them innovating truly new ways of achieving similar tasks found on other smartphones.

Method 1: Hardware Controls

1. Press and hold the ‘Power On/Off’ button and the ‘Home’ button simultaneously
2. You will see the device flash and make a camera shutter sound if sound is enabled.
3. Go to the Gallery app or drag down the notification bar at the top of the screen, to find your recent screenshot and all other screenshots take in the past.

Method 2: Hand Gestures

1. Go into your device settings and ensure that ‘Palm motion’ is enabled as well as ‘Capture Screen’, under ‘Motion Gestures’
2. Once Palm motion is enabled, swipe the side of your hand from the left of the screen to the screen to the right.
3. You will see the device flash and make a camera shutter sound if sound is enabled.


At first, I thought the hand gesture feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to capture a screenshot was a bit gimmicky. But upon understanding how to enable it properly, it wasn’t so bad and actually quicker, if not easier, than using the hardware method of capturing a screenshot. Do I wish the feature was on the iPhone? Maybe.

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