With the mobile phone being more widely adopted as the one device people nowadays always have one them, it has also resulted in being the replacement for video camera in peoples lives. Stories are now submitted to CNN from regular people after being captured as they occur faster than any regular camera crew could get to the scene of the incident.

Beyond Vines & Instagram, this footage taken finds it’s way onto broadcast channels, YouTube, media centres and other platforms that already to adhere to good camera practices and Etiquette. I thought would write this how to as I was tired of seeing footage shot in portrait mode like a picture occupying the middle third of my TV leaving black bars in some cases around it.


  1. Hold your phone in landscape mode instead of portrait mode

  2. Anything beyond Instagram and Vine display content in a wide angle manner or screen interface. Holding your phone upright as if you were taking a photo while recording video makes it hard to work with much later and will probably need a lot of doctoring. Do yourself a favour, and the poor post-production team that might end up with it, and flip your phone sideways so it is in a landscape orientation.

    This makes your footage ready for many platforms right after you hit the stop recording button. The few platforms that take vertical, square or portait video (like Instagram) will just trim off the edges or allow you to scroll on your footage so you can select where thee most action is for it to trim. Most cases than not, your footage does not lose meaning as you usually position the main subjects in the frame at the center when recording anyway.

  3. Grip you mobile phone by the side edges

  4. To avoid fingers getting in to the shot, know where your camera is located on your device. Most time you will be safer grasping it by the side edges.

  5. Clean your camera lense or replace phone covers and screen protectors frequently

  6. Most people underestimate the difference cleaning or changing protectors on your camera lens can have to your footage and images. They are surprisingly in habit of cleaning their lens filters and view finders for the Digital cameras and maybe that is because these devices are not designed to be a rugged as mobile phones. Doing this however will keep you getting quality capture from your device.

Happy video recording!

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