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So you have now grown to love and use Instagram in you daily life. From everything funny, serious, food & selfies, it is the perfect place to not take life serious too seriously or picture perfect like on Facebook. The ability to add filters are definitely one feature that made Instagram popular & it’s fast adoption, but one thing you might not know is you can get finer control over how they are applied.

This means you don’t have to skip your favourite filter because it is too strong, or too dark, or too bright. Instead you might try to reduce it’s intensity first before scrolling on to find the next best filter.

  1. Take a picture with Instagram or select your desired photo for posting from your photo library.
  2. Scale and crop it as desired
  3. Choose your favourite filter by tapping on it as you normally would. This will result in the filter being applied to the image preview at full strength or 100%.
  4. To gain greater control of the filter, tap on the filter again (below the the image preview). You will notice the filters area will be replaced by new controls, in particular a percentage slider set to 100% or full strength.
  5. Drag up and down the slider while paying attention to the image preview above. Once happy with the results, select the tick button (Done) in the top right of the apps window or if you are not happy simply cancel and select another filter that you can choose to control or not.

And that’s it, now you are honing your photo sharing skills with the world so that they see the picture just how you want them to. Happy sharing, enjoy!

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