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If you have read any of our Facebook related articles, you might have picked up by now that we rant on and rave about how Facebook is notorious for changing it’s rules and algorithms that determine the way your Page posts are seen by your followers. Sometimes they do this to better the online service as it grows and faces new challenges with increased usage. Other times they do it so that they can charge more money for advertising to better their balance sheet’s bottom line.

Whichever view you choose to take when looking at these policy changes, as user and content creator for your followers on Facebook page you are presented with a new problem to overcome. The simple answer would be, if you have the budget just pay for more Facebook Advertising. If you do not funds to spare though, here’s how you level the playing field a little bit better.

The concept

Hopefully by now you should be directing people to your Facebook Page or website using your personal profile banner, at the very minimum. If you are, on your actual Facebook Page that your visitors are landing on; we are going to attempt to encourage every new page like to complete an additional step. This step is the step to tick a check box option, under the Like button for your page, that opts them to get notifications in their normal Facebook notifications about all the posts you make on your page as well.

Facebook subscribe to get notified: JustMadeBetter

Facebook subscribe to get notified: JustMadeBetter

This means whether you post something on your Facebook page that they ‘Like,’ it doesn’t matter if they are online or not, this action will be queue for them to make a conscious action to view once they click on their personal notifications. This is obviously a step better than them missing out if not online, if all the did was just like your page.

The action plan

What you need to do is update the banner of your Facebook page so that it includes the instructions on how users can subscribe to ‘get notifications’ as part of the process of liking your page. See the image below or for more information, please see the JustMadeBetter Facebook pages banner or other examples.

You must ensure the implemented banners steps are as close as possible the step the user must take on Facebook. This includes them creative look identical to what they will see when they complete the actions. Be sure to update this banner if Facebook changes designs or icons for this process. An update in the banner creative when this happens is a good thing as it will also appear as a notification to followers are are online, encouraging them to complete the action as well.

If you do not have digital creative ability to implement this idea to your current Facebook pages’ cover photo, then please seek assistance from someone with design ability. Alternatively you can submit a ticket with JustMadeBetter for this to do be designed for you for a small fee of US$15.

The urgency

Early adopters and creators of Facebook pages enjoyed the rewards of the golden time for them when they were just released. In this time, all your posts where seen by 100% of your pages followers that were online. These pages then saw a growth drastic curve in followers, high like counts for posts & the best post engagement in the form of comment like no other time since Facebook started changing their policies around this.

Now starting a Facebook page, growing followers and fostering engagement is harder than ever. With Facebook always improving and changing, this approach might become redundant one day. This is the more reason to implement sooner rather than later.

The risk of implementation

Once you choose to implement this approach to maximise your Facebook Page posts reach, you have to be aware of a risk. You must be careful how frequently you post and that it is quality content over quantity so that you do not annoy your followers. A large of posts per day your page could result in you clogging their notification feed. We all have that friend that lives on Facebook and seems post 20 things a day. You do not want your page to become that friend as some follow might choose to unsubscribe from being notified. Quality over quantity is the key here, as you want to consider the follower that logs into Facebook as low as once a week. They do not want to have to log in to attend to 20 of your notifications.


A final reason to implement this approach like yesterday, would be the ability to immediately capture every like to your page moving forward to hear your full voice, even if they log onto Facebook later. Why should you put in all the effort you do in creatively writing content for your website or Facebook page only for that to be lost to a large percent because Facebook has capped for the number of people who can see it, whether online or not. Maximise all your efforts and ensure as many people get to see your content today.

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