Facebook custom cover photo: JustMadeBetter

Facebook custom cover photo: JustMadeBetter

Facebook custom cover photo: JustMadeBetter

Covert advertising even when you are not thinking about it

So you have started a Facebook page or website, have finished uploading photos, text and videos to make it look just the way you want. Now you are faced with the task of inviting friends and family to like or follow it. Naturally you hit a limit on how many people actually like the page or follow the website out of everyone you invited. Here’s an out of the box thinking type of idea, that can help you invite or advertise to people without being annoyingly obtrusive, as you would be by hitting the invite button next to their name again.

Putting the URL (web address) of your Facebook page, and or website, on your Facebook profiles’ cover photo is a free way to advertise your site/page/blog/vlog. As we all know, people are curious creatures and tend to hover over names of people on Facebook to get more information on a person. Every comment, status or like becomes an opportunity to promote to friends and their friends even when you are not thinking about it.

Facebook is notorious for changing it’s rules and algorithms that determine the way your Page posts are seen by your followers. Usually this annoyingly results in a decline in engagement on your page. Over and above this, you still have to try and acquire new followers/subscribers to your Facebook page. The technique of adding the web URL of your page or website to your personal profiles cover photo serves to answer this problem.

When you interact with a friends posts, or someone tags you in a post, or likes, or shares your post; all this interaction is usually seen by your Facebook Friends and the friends of the person you are interacting with. Just so that we are clear, we are not talking about adding the URL of your website to the banner or cover photo of the actual Facebook page. Rather, we are talking about adding the URL of your Facebook page or website on your personal, Facebook profiles’ cover photo. This way your Facebook friends get to see the profiles banner with your URL, as they don’t necessarily see posts to your Facebook Page (unless your share posts from your page or website).


  • Real time advertising: Not everyone is on Facebook all the time, however when they are and you are active; that means they get see the like to your page.
  • Believe it or not, not always will you be in the mood to advertise the page or even be thinking of doing so. This approach keeps working in the background for you even in those moments.
  • Those that do not embrace your page or website straight away, have been exposed to your brand and are now aware of it. In marketing we call that brand awareness and is kind of the same reason why big companies stick their logos on formula one cars, sports shirts, uniforms e.t.c.
  • The more creative the design, the more it can invoke more that awareness of your brand but the values and philosophy behind it. Get creative here.
  • The more positive your contribution to posts and Facebook discussion the more your lend to the goodwill for your page or website’s brand.
  • Your represent your page, your website, your brand, your idea like no one else and show that you stand for it. Who better to do it.


  • Bad posts or reactions could result in negative goodwill for your brand.
  • If you are not active on your personal Facebook page or account, then no one is going to see this and therefore be invited.
  • Poor execution of the banner design could actually have a negative effect. This would be the equivalent of an corny advert or just a terrible one.
  • Long term advertising strategy: so you might tempted to think it is not working if you are not seeing the instant results in likes. Don’t give up so quickly.


Understand that bigger brands do a whole lot of advertising to a large group of people and only see a fraction of that audience embrace their products and services. Start paying attention to the ads you see on TV or even on websites nowadays. How many of those do you click on or actually think you would love to respond to or be a customer of? Probably a very small percentage, however from the moment you have seen an advertisement, that is the beginning of how you form your perception of that brand over time.

You have way more to gain by doing it than not doing it. If you make a mistake while doing it, don’t be so hard on yourself and be afraid of continuing. You learn as you go, and from my opinion there is no better way to learn that to get your hands dirty and messy. After all your are promoting to your friends, who should be more forgiving towards you anyway before you get bigger and reach strangers.

Happy Free-vertising (free advertising)!

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