Adding the Apple Watch as a remote to the Apple TV

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wondered about the future’s technology especially¬† after I saw my older brothers’ friend turn off any TV using a watch with an infrared sensor. You can imagine the amount of laughter we shared as we watched shop attendants try to figure out what was wrong with [...]

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Apple Watch: Picking up list in Supermarket

Grocery shopping with the Apple Watch using the Woolworths App

This is probably one of the most fun and practical apps I’ve used on the Apple Watch so far. Doing the groceries is a painful and mundane task I have to do weekly but now this app has just made it more interesting. Here’s how the Woolies app works: Steps Launch the Woolies app on [...]

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How to quickly scroll to the top of a window on a smartphone?

Platform: iOS only You have found your way to our website, and you are reading one of our slightly longer articles. You are enjoying every single tip and following keenly, however you eventually get to the end of the article and now you must make to long task back to the top to interact with [...]

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What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media, set top box from Apple that uses your homes internet connection to bring more live & on demand entertainment services to your television. If you have used iTunes on your computer before to buy songs, rent a movie, watch a documentary, listen to podcasts and so much more, then [...]

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What is iTunes Radio: Explained

In all honesty, I am still trying to figure this one out myself too. This has to be the first thing in a while I think Apple has an idea that is good on paper, but the real world execution and use of is a far cry from perfect. Initially I thought it would be [...]

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How to overcome a dead iPhone lock button: Assistive touch

Platform: iOS 7 So you have probably discovered that the iPhone has had one Achilles heal type of problem with it that has plagued it since the iPhone 4. Every time a new model comes out, you think they have fixed it but alas about a year later you discover that the problem still persists. [...]

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How to take a screenshot on an iPhone

Apple mobile products are probably the easiest devices to take a screenshot on amongst all other smartphones and mobile devices. Partially thanks to the iOS software they all run on, it is the same process for the iPhone, C or S, the iPod Touch and the iPad. As you can achieve taking a screenshot either [...]

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